Biking in Jasra


First off, we’ll meet at the royal camel farm in Janabiyah. There’s so much to do and see on the farm, we’ll leave some things as a surprise as we don’t want to expose it all but it involves a little bit of petting & exploring your senses.

Once we’re done, we’ll ride our bikes to a hidden beach where well travel through the future vs the present time raising awareness on beach littering, eco tourism, & discovering bird migrations.There we explore the concept of “Bahrain”, two seas where the sweet & salt water meet.

Next, we will cross the saudi causeway to get to Mazarea Highway, Jasra to explore Jasra Handicrafts & training center where you’ll learn about the history of Bahraini craftsmanship such as pottery, gypsum making,basket weaving, boat making, & traditional chests.

When we’re done with the craft center, well head over to Jasra house to visualize how traditional Bahrainis used to live before the discovery of oil. On our way out, right across Jasra house is a beautiful hidden organic farm that well visit and learn what grows on our island seasonally.

Last but not least, well bike over to Jasra beach & harbour and watch the beautiful sunset.



October – May


4 hours

Spots Available

15 Max

1 person 2 people 3 – 15 people
40 BHD each 31 BHD each 21 BHD each
Whats included

Bikes, helmet, picnic.


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